MadCatz Mouse R.A.T. 7
Legacy Drivers

I had some trouble when I updated my Windows PC to install the correct drivers for my fantastic MadCatz RAT 7 Mouse. Whatever Saitek Smart Technology software I installed seemed fine, but the PC just couldn't detect the mouse. Windows showed that only a HID default mouse was installed, not the MadCatz mouse.

All the new drivers I tried didn't work to install the mouse. It would just get to a spot where it asked for me to plug in the mouse and it would never find it.

Fortunately, I still had the old harddrive and booted into it and used the DriverMax program to backup the mouse drivers and then booted into the new PC and restored them using DriverMax.

I present to you a table of things to try to get your Mat Catz Rat 7 or Mat Catz Rat 7 MMO working in Windows 10. I've left the filenames as I found them on the web (except for the driver backup which I named myself).

MadCatz RAT 7 Drivers

I'm fairly certain the driver not being installed on my system was the problem. Try these.

Desperation Level What this is? Download Link
Just starting out Latest Driver Software
Okay that didn't work, let's try something else, maybe an older driver? Original Driver from CD
Hmmm, starting to panic. What about some obscure driver websites? A download I found on a French FTP website, that lists this as a really old driver version of The Cyborg Rat.
Full on panic mode! Nothing works! I'll try anything at this point including a random guy's driver backup file. A DriverMax backup from my PC that I used to finally install the drivers. If this doesn't work, I've got nothing else for you to try. =(

DriverMax logo DriverMax(free version ok) program needed to restore this file.

Smart Technology Software

The software didn't seem to be the problem, I think either of these is just fine.

What is this? Download Link
Updated Smart Technology software
Older software perhaps the version on the CD

Good Luck

If this helped you and you want to say thanks drop a line
Sepcial thanks to someone out there called Darth_Agnon from Reddit for providing access to the original drivers from the CD.

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